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USIT Campus Travel
All you ever wanted to know about student and youth travel. Airfares, destination information,
Student and Youth Cards and other travel links.
STA Travel
STA Travel are specialists in student and young independent travel. The website offers flights,
accommodation, insurance, destination information, travel stories and special offers.
International Student Travel Confederation
The ISTC is a worldwide network of organisations devoted exclusively to the promotion and
development of travel, study, and work exchange opportunities for students and young people.
Student Adventure Travel
Exciting and affordable breaks to places such as Cancun, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Acapulco.
Breaks include tickets, passes, cheap food, drink and parties!
BUNAC Working Adventures Worldwide
BUNAC programmes make it possible for young people to work and spend extended time
all over the world getting to know a country in a way tourist would never do.
The Gap Year
This is a site dedicated to "The Year Out", offering general advice, opportunities, travel tips,
stories, money advice, health and insurance, visa information and much more.
Planet Guide
Your passport to the best travel writing on the net, brought to you by The Daily Telegraph.
The site has travel articles, travel news, last minute bargains, and many useful travel resources.
How to See the World
How to See the World is an online book written by an independent traveler of 35 countries over eight
low-budget tours, this complete guide has tips, commentary, and humor for travelers of every kind.
Association of National Tourist Offices (ANTOR)
The ANTOR UK web site contains information on Tourist Offices in the UK and throughout the world
covering Africa/Near East , America, Asia, Australasia/Oceania, Europe/Mediterranean.

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