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AUSTRALIA - General     Registration     Visas     Extra Info
    Registration     Training     Visas/Permits     Extra Info

If you want to nurse in Australia you must first become registered as a nurse by the board of the state/territory in which you want to practise. You will also need the relevant Visa/Work Permit entitling you to work. You should make sure to organise both your Visa and registration before making definate plans to travel to Australia.

The various States and Territories each have their own legislation and arrangements including their own nursing registration boards. You must be registered in your chosen state. If you are not registered you will not be able to work!
Over the past few years it has been found that the easiest and cheapest state to register in is New South Wales. If you are planning to work in a state other than NSW the registration can be easily transferred to another state. You can go directly to the relevant Nursing Board on your arrival and change your registration. This is normally a quick and easy process but it is advisable to allow a few days before working in case of any delays.
The Australian Nursing Council Incorporated (ANCI) assessment is a requirement to take on for all nurses trained outside Australia before getting registered.
Visit their website for relevant application forms and more detailed information on this.

Visas/Work Permits
If you are a CITIZEN OF THE UK, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, CANADA or THE NETHERLANDS and aged between 18 and 25 years of age inclusive at the time of application, or 26 to 30 years of age inclusive at the time of application and show that your entry to Australia would be of benefit to yourself and Australia, you are eligible for a WORKING HOLIDAY VISA (WHV). You therefore need to apply to The Australian High Commission before you leave (advice for other Nationals is available on the site also). It is not legal to enter Australia without your WHV. This type of Visa allows you to work for 12 months in Australia, and for up to 3 months with one employer - therefore allowing you to to work for many employers and see a lot of Australia while you do it.

If you fall outside any of the above categories you will not be eligible for a WHV, and will require a WORK PERMIT (WP) which allows you to work for over three months up to 4 years. To obtain a WP you must first either be offered a position or be sponsored by someone to work. Once you have this in place you will be free to go to Australia.

Extra info
State Board Information:-

Nurses Registration Board New South Wales

Nurses Board of South Australia

Nurses Board of Western Australia

Nurses Board of the Australian Capital Territory - (no website)
PO Box 976
Civic Square ACT 2608
6th Floor,
FAI House 197 London Circuit,
Canberra City 2600
Ph (02) 6205 1599
Fax (02) 6205 1602

Nurses Board of the Northern Territory - (no website)

Queensland Nursing Council - (no website)
Queensland Nursing Council
GPO Box 2928
Brisbane QLD 4001
Ph (07) 3223 5160
Fax (07) 3223 5115

Nursing Board of Tasmania - (no website)

Nurses Board of Victoria - (no website)
Nurses Board of Victoria
GPO Box 4932
Melbourne VIC 3001
Ph: (03) 9613 0333
Fax: (03) 9629 2409

Australian Immigration Department

Australian High Commission

Non-English Speaking Exams
International English Language Testing System

National Languages & Literacy Institute of Australia

Queenstate Nursing Service useful links

Nurses and midwives who have gained registration/enrolment in countries other than New Zealand must apply to the Nursing Council of New Zealand for admission to the register/roll before being able to practise in New Zealand.
On initial inquiry an application form is forwarded to you (the applicant). The letter to applicants describes the registration categories, the process and fees.

The Nursing Council assesses each applicant on an individual basis depending on experience and qualifications.
The principal considerations to achieve sucessful registration are:
Ability to achieve the Competencies for the Registration of Comprehensive Nurses or the Competencies for the Registration of Midwives in New Zealand or the Standards for Enrolment.
Assessment of theory and clinical practice components of nursing or midwifery programme compared with the equivalent New Zealand programme.
Post-registration/enrolment experience, including recency of practice.
Applicants with English as a second language will be required to produce evidence of ability to speak, write and understand the English language in a nursing or midwifery setting.

Additional Training
Applicants who do not meet the requirements for nursing registration will be required to undergo further experience with instruction through a Department of Nursing within a New Zealand educational institution. The period of additional experience required to meet registration will be determined by the Nursing Council depending on previous training and experience.
It is up to you to arrange this additional training, and inform the Nursing Council about your plans.

Work Visas/Permits
You may apply for a Work Visa or Permit if you hold an offer of employment for which you are qualified and there are no suitable New Zealanders available.
In most cases nursing positions are available, but this is variable and you should check with agencies and employers about your chances of gaining employment.
You may apply for a Work Visa before you travel to New Zealand (the total stay may be up to three years) or re-enter New Zealand if you hold a Work Permit. You may apply for a further Work Permit, if you arrived in New Zealand on a Work Visa. The maximum normal stay is three years from the date you first arrived in New Zealand. If you are already in New Zealand as a visitor you may apply for a Work Permit for a total stay of nine months from the date of your arrival as a visitor.
Lots more detailed advice and information can be seen on the
New Zealand Immigration Service website.

Extra info
The following sites have got various forms of information which may help you out in your search and understanding on Nursing in New Zealand.

Ministry of Health NZ

NZ College of Nurses
NZ College of Midwives
NZ Qualifications Authority

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