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The Middle East, and in particular the Kingdom of Suadi Arabia(KSA) is a very different country from the UK. The language, religion and culture can come as quite a shock to you if you have not done some research into the area and the way of life.
In general you will need to be tolerant, understanding and open minded to succeed as a nurse in The Middle East.

You will normally require at least 2 years experience, but this will depend on the posts available and the type of work. It is known that most opportunities in the Middle East require high calibre staff with proven skills in specialist areas. Extra pay awards are available for particular specialities if your experience is strong enough.

One to two year, renewable contracts are offered in most cases.
Income earned while working in Saudi Arabia is tax-free
Accommodation is provided for free.
Vacation time is generous and is usually six to eight weeks per year
Europe, Africa and Asia are all within short reach if you decide to travel.
Your employer will pay the return flight to get there and back.
Free lesiure facilities
Great weather all year!

Work Eligibility
If you hold a British, American or Canadian passport you will be able to work in most Middle East countries, other nationals should contact their Local Government. You will be allowed to enter most countries without such things as a Work Permit or Visa, but some more hostile parts of the Middle East may provide you with entry problems. Again find out the details from your relevant Government department.

Useful Links and Info
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